Day 1

Day 1 – Thursday September 1st, it’s the start of a new term but we’re on day 3 of holiday bible club. I have a love hate relationship with holiday bible club. It’s a fantastic opportunity for sharing the gospel with children and serving with so many from the church but it takes up hours and you’re so exhausted by the end of it.  I’m next to useless for the rest of the day. We’re looking at the Apostle Paul all week, today was ‘Be ready to pass on God’s message’ from Acts 16. Claire writes the material and the song so I feel like I live with HBC for months beforehand. The kids are loving it and we’ve had good numbers. 2 more days to go.
This afternoon I caught up on reading Ridderbos on Paul, did the kids sheets for Sunday morning. I’m trying to get ahead on sermon preparation on Isaiah but I’ve been slow with prep this week.

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