Day 2

Day 2 – Fri Sept 2nd –  Day 4 of holiday bible club and we’re seeing good response from the kids. Today was so encouraging seeing children listening so eagerly to the bible being taught. People in the church are working so hard and I marvel at the creativity of folk in our church. How do you think up craft? It’s an absolute mystery to me how people do it.

The afternoon was taken up with a Pastoral issue and an encouraging skype call to a Polish missionary Dariusz Brycko. I am hoping he might be able to help us reaching out to Polish folk in our area. Ealing has an enormous population and we’re not touching it. Dariusz is part of the ARP in the US and was on staff at First Pres, Columbia for a number of years with Derek Thomas and Sinclair Ferguson. He has done a Phd with Richard Muller and is now seeking to start a study centre in Warsaw and church plant.
He wrote this piece on Poland in 2012, I’m hoping he might be able to visit us in 2017. We really need help in reaching Polish people, we’ve found impenetrable to the gospel.
This evening Claire and I were taken out for dinner by two old friends who live in Mississippi – Ralph and Wendy Kelley – in the providence of God 3 of my friends Dave Strain (who was the minister of LCPC), Ed Hartman (who was a missionary in Romania) and Ralph who preached for me one summer early on in my time in Ealing, all now work at First Presbyterian, Jackson. Ralph is the Executive Pastor which I think basically means he’s a fixer. Ralph is a great, generous, encouraging and godly guy – the best type of American. He tells me First Pres is doing so well and Dave really thriving as senior pastor which is so encouraging. American Presbyterian churches handle succession well, Ralph speaks in awe of the eldership at First.

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