Day 4

Day 4 – Sun Sept 4th  – This is always one of the best Sundays of the year, people are encouraged after Holiday Bible Club, everyone is back from holidays and enjoys catching up, some new folk arrive. It was our first Sunday with Sunday school at 10 and then worship at 11. We had a joint Sunday school where we gave books to the kids which is always a joy. I spoke a little bit about the year ahead for children’s Sunday school – we’re going to use the Presbyterian Church in Ireland – Child’s catechism for our younger children, the preparatory catechism for the middle group and then our older kids will be using Growing in Christ by Packer which is a terrific resource. Chris Roberts talked a little on how he sees Adult Sunday school developing. We’re hoping and praying the change to 10am sees more people being out at Sunday School.


I’d not preached on Sunday mornings at IPC since before the holidays so it was nice to be back, we went straight back into Isaiah 23 and it was ok, nothing special but ok. I felt I wasn’t as clear in the middle as I should have been – Isaiah 23:17,18 are difficult verses to explain. We had a couple of  people back for lunch and then I had an encouraging pastoral visit before the evening service.


Chris Roberts preached in the evening, he’s doing his 3rd year at LTS, we’ve supported him through college. He was on Nahum 3 and was very helpful on the cry, the sentence and the relief. We celebrated the Lord’s supper this evening and I read the wonderful prayer from the Reformed Book of church Order which I might stick on here. After church I met with the team of leaders who run our young peoples work which was encouraging. They are a great bunch of servant hearted folk who are a good laugh. I’m hoping to be able to less involved this year which looks like it might happen.

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