Day 5

Day 5 – Mon Sept 5th  – I managed to be in the office for 8 and get straight down to sermon prep, I’m ahead on my morning series Isaiah, the evening series I’m back in Colossians which I’ve struggled with but hopefully the break will have done me good. It was slow and although I got some good work done, I should have made myself get out of the office. We did however get news that our potential intern Donald from Aberdeen might arrive next week!


This evening was our monthly session meeting, there are 5 of us elders on the ground in Ealing, Stuart Cashman is planting Immanuel Brentford. Simon Arscott from All Nations Church, Ilford also comes over to attend the meetings. Their reports were encouraging, it was a good meeting and we are working well together as a session. God has been very kind to us as elders, we’ve known unity and the meetings are nearly always encouraging. We started with a good discussion on the Confession’s chapter on Baptism.  I always find it difficult to sleep after a session meeting so I worked late.


Aunty Sadie left us to go back to Northern Ireland today she’s been with us for 2 weeks helping with childcare which was a huge help. Claire’s dad arrived tonight for our building project meetings and so we all went to the Harvester, it’s a tradition when he’s here. There’s something wonderful about the Harvester although they’ve just renovated the restaurant, it remains the same and no matter which meat you order it tastes the same.

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