Day 6

Day 6 – Tue Sept 6th – Noah went into year 2 today with a male teacher for the first time which will do him good. He went off without a fear which is lovely. I went along with my father in law first thing to our architects this morning, we’re pushing hard on getting the tendering price down for the new church building. I don’t normally attend these meetings but some pressure needed to be brought on them. We’re not far away from being to start, if the deadlines are kept it could be the start of November. It’s pretty disappointing how long it is all taking as we’d hoped we would have begun by now and it’s difficult to raise more funds without people actually seeing something.


On Tuesdays we run the Ealing Lunchtime Talks and Hristo a Bulgarian man from our congregation who studied at EMF and Cornhill gave an impassioned plea from the Great Commission to Evangelise. I think it’s the first time in ELT history the end of the talk has been greeted by applause. I worked in the afternoon in Café Zee and managed to get lots done this afternoon.


In the evening I visited a young couple in our church who are hoping to get more involved in the church.


There’s no one staying in our house and Phoebe is back in her own room which is a source of great joy

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