Communion Prayers

Here are the prayers I used at the Lord’s Table on Sunday, they are adapted from ‘The Reformed Book of Common Order’ p38-41


”Eternal God, all creation acknowledges you as LORD. The whole earth is full of your glory. It is good, therefore, that we whom you have created in your own image praise you. We praise, bless, and adore you, that when your own image within us was marred and corrupted by our sin and we were fallen, you did send your son to restore and raise us.


We thank you for His life as recorded in the Scriptures, for the prophecies that foretold His coming, for His humble yet wonderful birth, for his life of toil, for His perfect example, for His death upon the cross, for His resurrection from the grace, for His ascension to your right hand, and for His sending the Holy Spirit to point sinners to Himself and to lead them into all truth.


As we gather together at His table today, we thank you, in particular for His death upon the cross. We thank you that He took upon Himself there, the punishment which was due to us for our iniquities. We thank you that, in fulfilment of your eternal purpose He made the cross the altar upon which He offered up, once for all, the perfect sacrifice for our sins, the just for the unjust. We thank you that He was, indeed, the Lamb of God, the lamb without spot or blemish sent by you, in your wonderful love, to make atonement, to make us one with you by the shedding of His blood. We thank you that His righteousness is imputed to us by You through our faith in Christ’s completed work of salvation and our trust in you our God and Father.


Therefore, at the invitation and command of our Lord and Saviour, we present ourselves at His table to remember Him; to declare and witness before the world that by Him alone we have received forgiveness and eternal life, that by Him alone you do acknowledge us as your children and heirs, that by Him alone we have access to your throne of grace, that by Him alone we have citizenship in heaven, that by Him alone our bodies shall be raised from the dust and share with Him that endless joy which you our Father, have prepared for your elect before the foundation of the world. All these inestimable blessings we acknowledge and confess we have received from your free mercy and grace, by your beloved  Son Jesus Christ; And for these, we, your redeemed, moved by the Holy Spirit, render to you all thanks, praise, and glory, now and always. AMEN”


After communion


”We give you thanks, O God, that we have been privileged to sit again, at your table. We thank you for those who once sat here and now sit at your table in the  home of many mansions.
Help we us pray, by your Holy Spirit. Preserve us from the wiles of satan. Keep us faithful to the vows we made when we joined this church; and grant us in your mercy that when the busy fever of this life is forever hushed, when our joys here are ended and our work is done, we may have prefect communion with you in that Kingdom where your saints, your Redeemed are forevermore”

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