Day 7

Day 7 – Wed Sept 7th – I was ordained 16 years ago today. I recently found a transcript of the sermon Dick Lucas preached at my ordination service, I’d got an American intern to type it up years ago. Anyway, I read through it this morning and it’s terrific –  4 priorities from the Pastorals – Preach the Word, Guard the Truth, Live the Faith, Endure Hardship. A  lady from the church is going to edit the transcript and hopefully we can put it on here.


The day was taken up with going down to Liss IPC for their session meeting. I’ve been involved as a loan elder alongside 3 others for the last 9 months and before that a member of the Presbytery commission. It’s been a tough couple of years for the congregation in Liss but some encouragements are beginning to emerge. In lots of ways one of the joys of Presbyterianism is that  when there are problems it’s not just left to the local congregation to muddle through. I managed to resign today as a loan elder because of just a greater work load here for the next year and it will be something of a relief. Presbytery will appoint a replacement next week.


This evening was our monthly prayer meeting around 35 of us gathered to pray. It was a good time if not spectacular, I hope we’ll see growth in the prayer gatherings this year. A good friend sent us this fun article about photographing a flying baby who has Down Syndrome

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