Day 8

Day 8 – Thu 8th Sept – Claire is off work on a Thursday so it’s a slightly later start in the mornings but I was in the study for 9, prep for Sunday night, order of service and kids sheet for Sunday. I’ve had weeks without preaching and yet I’m under the gun for Sunday. I had lunch with Dick Lucas which is always a joy, at 91 he’s remarkably fresh and so encouraging. I visited briefly on William Taylor his next door neighbour and successor at St Helen’s. William was as ever in good form, he’s the epitome of a public schoolboy but such good fun that you don’t mind. I think it’s far to say he doesn’t have too high a concern for Systematic Theology but there are certain subjects we keep away from. On the way home I popped in on Willcox House the home of Proc Trust – I had a coffee with Free Church Reynolds who is off to work for FIEC next year and then saw Nigel Styles who is the new director of Cornhill whose office had about 8 clocks in it. Travelling on the tube is good in that it gives you an opportunity to read, I finally finished Paul by Ridderbos. Parts of the book are brilliant but lots of it was hard work. I’ve read it in 15 min slots each day and am now going to read Fesko on the confession, the historical introduction to WCF is excellent.


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