Day 9

Day 9 – Fri 9th Sept – The day started with our team meeting where we talked about the last week and tried to plan a bit ahead. I spent sometime on admin and prep for Sunday. At lunch I visited my good friend Jonathan Fletcher who was the minister of Emmanuel, Wimbledon for over 30 years. I love the bones of the man, he’s so wonderfully opinionated and though he is the most passionate Anglican I know you just can’t help enjoying his company. We bemoaned lots of things but he’s a very kind man and thriving in retirement. Ecclesiologically we would line up in a different place, he’s got such good judgement on people and helpful in thinking about ministry. He feels the two big attacks the devil will make on evangelicals are on Marriages of Ministers and our unity. Seeing him always does me good,  Jonathan is a kind of John Newton figure.


I’ve done too much out and about this week, seeing people and meeting up with folk.  I need to be more disciplined this term. Chris Green published a good blog yesterday on Making Time in ministry.


In the evening Matt and Rach Childs came over for Fish and Chips. Rach used to be our women’s worker and they’ve returned to the church after a year much to our delight.

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