Day 11

Day 11 – Sun 11th Sept –  A good but exhausting day, Sunday School seemed to go off well. People were very encouraging about the Adult Sunday school and big numbers attending. I’d really enjoyed preparing  Isaiah 25 – The preparations for the feast/ The Feast itself/ The Guest list/ The cost, it linked in so well with communion. We rejoiced and feasted at the table but I didn’t feel freedom in preaching it. I needed to thin out the content more.


There was a picnic lunch afterwards and lots of folks came, to see the church enjoying being together and mucking about in the park is an encouraging thing. Tonight I spoke on the atonement in the Old Testament- re-working the talk I’d done to men from the Mosque. It was a little bit heavy at times and 10 minutes too long. However it reaffirmed to me that Islam has got nothing to offer, I hope it’s given us confidence to engage Muslims. Had a Pastoral visit after the evening service which went on far, far too late.

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