Day 13

Day 13 – Tue 13th Sept – Tuesdays feel like the new Sunday. We started our pre-work book study this morning at Café Nero on ‘Encouragement’ by Gordon Cheng. It’s a simple book and we discussed the first two chapters which I hope was helpful. It’s short and sharp – start at 7.30 and finish at 8, I was thrilled there were 11 of us there. I suspect darker and wetter mornings might mean numbers go down a bit. The morning was taken up with Isaiah prep and getting back into Colossians for Sunday night. Then I am back speaking at Ealing Lunchtime Talks each week going through Romans in a year. We had very encouraging numbers I’m praying that they will come back. I had a couple of hours before Boys bible study where we started going through the Shorter Catechism. We did the first 3 questions and it sometimes like getting blood out of stone with them but I’m hopeful that they’ll learn the WSC.


I took the night off and played 5 a side with other dads from the school, first time since the summer break. I think it’s safe to say my first touch has deserted me, I was sweating so much I could hardly see, I need to wear a headband. It’s a sad day. Two of the lads from church came to the football and we went out for a drink with Donald the new apprentice who arrived from Aberdeen in the afternoon, he’ll be good value for us I think and I’m looking forward to him being around. Bed too late

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