Day 20

Day 20 – Tue 20th Sept – Today is our monthly early morning prayer gathering. There was a good group of us at 6.30, I left at 7.20 for the pre-work reading group at Café Nero and 9 of us were there again this week which was heartening. I came home and got some good work done in the study all morning. At Ealing Lunchtime Talks I was on Romans 1:18-32, a full house with quite a lot of visitors but I felt freedom in preaching. At the end there were good questions folk had, it’s a great freedom we have to preach from the town hall each Tuesday. There was a buzz afterwards and I’m praying for the work to grow.
I met with Chuck one of my elders afterwards who is always an encouragement. Late afternoon is the boys bible study. We’re doing great truths – What is God? Are there more God’s than one? How many Persons are there in the Godhead? – sadly I managed to botch it up, the boys looked like they’d been hit with a tranquiliser. I’m praying they open up more and it’s less of a monologue. The evening I was back on the 5 a side pitch, 4 on 5 it was a great game.

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