Day 22

Day 22 – Thu 22nd Sept – It was a disastrous night’s sleep with the burglar alarm going off regularly which meant I slept in for our session prayer meeting. We meet for just an hour to talk about the church and share prayer points for one another. It’s one of the best things we’ve done to keep as elders praying for one another.
Fri and Sat I’m in York again all day so that wonderfully concentrated the mind. I managed to get Isaiah 30 done for Sunday morning, the service sheet off to Jess and the kids sheets finished. We had team meeting in the afternoon, I taught the Shorter Catechism badly again though I think have a better understanding of them now. Sandra was around in the afternoon and it is the  last time I will see her before she heads off to university on Sun. The Lord has done great things in her life and it’s been so encouraging to see that, she’s been like part of  the family and it’s going to be sad not having her around so much.
Donald was over for tea and in the evening I just worked on Colossians 3:22-4:1 – slavery. I’ve got one more full week of meetings and then life is somewhat back to normal.

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