Day 23

Day 23 – Fri 23 2016 – Jess very graciously picked my up at 5 to get to Kings Cross for my train up to York. I’d hoped to do more work on the train than I managed. Matthew Roberts our minister at Trinity, York has organised the Keystone conference for folk 18-28. This is the first time they’ve run it, I’m giving 4 expositions in Exodus and then there’s a whole range of seminars. Jonty Rhodes was up from Derby to do two of them. There were around 30 of us today and more expected tomorrow. Trinity, York is very encouraging – Matthew and Kate are so hospitable and have garnered around themselves an army of students and younger folk. There’s huge potential in the work – Matthew has a trainee minister working with him this year and 4 apprentices. The congregation is full of of great lads with ministry potential. My talks were ok, but nothing spectacular, it’s a very different audience to what I’m used to. In the evening we were back at the Roberts’ for a BBQ and there was a great vibe with all the students and young adults. The conference could develop into something very good for the denomination, I hope next year I can bring a busload of our people. The day finished with Matthew and Kate and I chewing the fat I wish Claire could have come, we need to do something for IPC Ministers and their wives.


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