Day 24

Day 24 – Sat 24 2016 – Numbers were up to 40 for the second day of Keystone. It was a pretty full day I was on the Burning Bush in the morning to start  the day, gave a Seminar on Christianity and Islam, then there was another seminar after lunch before my final session. The first sermon went better than the second, which got away from me in the middle but I managed to at least be coherent in my last point. It was good to meet Tim Toes (surely that can’t be how you spell it) who was at Heath Church for a while and is now stuck in at Trinity.

The train journey back home was the most productive 2 hours of the week and I was home just a bit after 8. My niece Amy is up for the weekend with her Fiancé so it was good to catch up with her, she’s in her final year at Bristol. I think the kids were well behaved whilst I was away which is encouraging and shows my threats occasionally work.


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