Day 25

Day 25 – Sun 25 Sep – Today was Ealing Half Marathon and so they shut the roads before 9.30, we encouraged folk to come early and have Coffee and Croissants. In previous years our numbers have been really low on this Sunday but yesterday wasn’t bad. People are really enjoying Adult Sunday School and I think the move to 11 for morning worship has worked so far. Whoever is preaching teaches the Children’s Sunday school for 10 minutes about the sermon so I never get to join with the adults. I was preaching on Isa 30 which has some beautiful verses I lent quite heavily on some Tim Keller material on the ‘work behind the work’ for my application but there was good come back.
My niece Amy, her fiancé and his sister were with us for lunch. In the afternoon Sid Garland from ACTS (African Christian Textbooks) joined us. Sid is part of the EPC of Ireland and spent 13 years in Nigeria. He now does a remarkable work getting good theological books in Nigeria and Kenya. Hearing him talk about the sheer numbers being trained for ministry in these countries is wonderful. We interviewed Sid during the evening service, I finished off Colossians 3 on slavery which did me good. When you into Colossians and see the whole issue of how the Lord Christ transforms both slave and masters it’s very powerful indeed. The whole Levy household is beginning to get coughs and colds.

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