Day 26

Day 26 – Mon 26 Sept – There is a moment on Monday mornings when Claire has left for work, Debbie and Phoebe have gone to the Toddler group, I’ve walked up the hill from dropping Noah and Ellie off at school. I open the door of the house and the silence is absolutely wonderful. I boil an egg, drink coffee and if I could bottle those moments on a Monday morning I would. What made it even better is that I received an email cancelling a meeting in town on Thursday of London ministers
I had a day at the books, Romans and Shorter Catechism tomorrow, Isaiah 34 on Sun morning. I spoke to the Gibson brothers who were in good form. In the afternoon my parents arrived from Swansea. They are going on a cruise for a week, their health isn’t great with Mam’s hearing and Dad’s back but at 79 and 81 they are pretty remarkable. They are a great example of people who have loved Christ’s church and want to be useful.

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