Day 27

I was at Café Nero for the pre work discussion group on Encouragement by Gordon Cheng. There were 7 of us there and it was a good time. I think we are tiring of the anecdotes in the book – in one chapter we heard about an electrocuted man, 80 year old Jack, Arthur the lawyer, Zoe the nurse, Evan in finance and a 3 year old gardener.  The chapter is only 15 pages long. Straight after I met Tom Brand who is a congregational minister in Binfield Heath. He’s doing a Phd with Lewis Ayres on the Trinity and he was on his way to work at Kings Library. The rest of the morning was getting ready for ELT. I spoke on Romans 2:1-3:20 which was too big a chunk. I was discouraged in that it was clear in my mind but I could tell as I was preaching it wasn’t clear to those who were listening.


I had lunch with Donald and Simon Cromie which was good fun and then we had boys bible study on Shorter Catechism 7-8 which went much better than last week.  The lads were engaged and they are learning it. This evening was 5 a side which was a great run out. The wretched alarm was going off occasionally during the night and I found it hard to sleep which is very unusual for me. I read a little bit and then worked on Isa in the small hours which is madness. I also read two good articles from Peter Barnes whose writing I love – Mission of the Church and Coping with Disappointment.


In other news our denomination has a new website

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