Day 28

Day 28 – Wed 28 Sept – Today was my 40th Birthday, the morning was a slow start and then I had the annual Evangelicals Now Directors meeting followed by the AGM. The Directors meeting was a decent laugh and there appears to be a realistic possibility of a new editor that should be announced shortly. John Benton has done a marvellous job on the paper and the plan is there would be a lengthy cross over period. The circulation is 5,790 and is very slowly declining (I think we lost maybe 20 subscribers last year which isn’t bad), the readership is probably 3 times that amount. The key issue in the future is how does EN develop the website and move to being more of an online presence before most of its print subscribers die off (quite literally). The current pay wall that stops people accessing all the material and the archive doesn’t really helps the cause. Financially the paper is in pretty good shape. The AGM afterwards was also good value with banter from different people. Willie McKenzie of CFP is chairman of the board and does a good job getting us through the agenda.


I finished Fesko on the Westminster Confession on the tube home which was a bit of a relief. I was home for tea and birthday cake which the kids were bouncing off the wall at. Tonight we had Robert Strivens of London Seminary (the artists formerly known as LTS) give us an overview of 1 & 2 Peter, Robert is the archetypal Englishman but it was good to have him. He had some great insights and lots of thought provoking material which hopefully have prepared us for house-groups this term.

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