Day 30

Day 30 –  Fri 30 Oct – It’s the first Friday in a few weeks I’ve been around and I always find Fri the most productive day in the study for some reason. I finished off Isaiah 33, did the order of service and kids sheets. Wrote something brief for EN and cut Sunday night’s sermon in half but it’s still too long, I need to find some time over the weekend to work on it. I failed miserably at a load of admin and so next week I’m going to have to just get my head down. I went back to Warfield’s book on the Westminster Confession after a month away and finished it off, his chapter on the First question of the WSC is masterful and very moving. I’ve quoted it the post below.


Noah was at some NFL event for kids so we were waiting interminably to pick him up after school. I managed to mow the lawn, there’s no job I enjoy more. In church work nothing is ever done and there’s always stuff you’ve forgotten to do, while with the lawn there’s this enormous sense of accomplishment when it’s done, it looks and smells great. Little things please little minds. Claire and I were out in the night for a meal at Lisa’s – the food was ok but it felt like a gathering of geriatrics. It’s one of those restaurants that is very small so you can hear the conversations of the tables around you which is always interesting, but it was really nice to be out.

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