Day 31

Day 31 -Sat 1 Oct – I’ve got one more Saturday after this one with something on and then I’m off properly. The morning was taken up with doing the stuff we do on Saturdays – shopping, trips to the office, errands. The kids were in good form and so it all got done. We’re all at various stages of the cold.


In the afternoon 6 of us from the church drove to Norwich to see Sandra, who seems to be settling in well. We took her out for a meal and then I was speaking at a Bible rally for local churches. The building was the old railway mission (Norwich Evangelical Church) right in the heart of the clubbing and lap dancing area of Norwich. It was a full house and there must have been 70  or 80 in the little building. We sang from old Christian hymns and there was a remarkable attempt to sing All hail the power of Jesus name which they did valiantly and disastrously. I preached on Colossians 1:15-24 and really enjoyed preaching, they were warm folk and lots of good noises emanating from the congregation. It was a joy  to see Hugh Collier from Great Ellingham who is always such fun, I know him from Banner conferences. He celebrates 20 years being there next week and was telling me of folk that  have been converted this year in his church which is wonderful. There were lots of people from very small churches in remote villages and it was good to try and encourage them. Sandra took us back to hers to meet the flatmates who were enjoying their Saturday night and seemed pleasant enough. The drive back was ok but I wasn’t in bed till after midnight which isn’t great preparation for Sunday.

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