Day 32

Day 32 – Sun 2 Oct – Sunday morning was encouraging, we welcomed 7 new members in and should be welcoming more later on in the month. I preached on Isaiah 33 which is a lovely passage, the passage basically divides itself with the Woe v1, Behold v7, Listen v13 and Behold v20 – my points were Stop, Look, Listen and Look again. I’ve got a cold and felt I was struggling a bit but people were kind. We had folk back for lunch which was fun – A German, a Hungarian and Italian. The joys of being in London! I managed to get to the park with the kids and the sunshine did me good, there’s conkers everywhere in our local park.


Sunday night I was on Colossians 4:2-4 – on Prayer which I’d enjoyed preparing. I hope I wasn’t guilt inducing, Paul’s purpose certainly wasn’t to make them feel guilty. Noah took sermon notes which I was pleased at but I’m not sure he got the no guilt message. I feel like I’m beginning to get a handle on Colossians but have only got two sermons left. Daphne came back to ours as usual. Sunday nights are a mystery, last night I wasn’t so tired and pretty energised. There’s just no rhyme nor reason to the level of exhaustion you feel as a preacher after a Sunday.

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