Day 34

Day 34 – Tue 4th Oct – Today was relentless from start to end. The work study was good, 6 of us there and good discussion and prayer. In the morning we heard the sad but joyful news of one of our congregation had died in the night. She is in glory and the suffering she bore for so long is over. It meant the morning was something of a write off ringing round and trying to get hold of people. I was on at Lunchtime talks on Romans 3:21-26 and though I could have done with a bit more time I really felt I nailed it. It’s such an amazing passage. It doesn’t often feel like that and it’s hard not to sound absolutely full of oneself but occasionally in preaching it happens. After ELT I took a missionary couple from MTW who are working with us in the congregation out for lunch, we do it every six months just to check in and it was good to talk about their future. The boys bible study went well, there was a good atmosphere and they don’t appear so comatosed as in the past. I managed to get a couple of hours with the kids, I try not to work from 5-7.30 each night. 5 a side was good as usual just to blow off some cobwebs – last night was the first night I wore a headband – they all mocked it but you could tell they were looking with envy at a man who doesn’t mind looking absolutely ridiculous. I  had a late drink with Joel Rinn who is a minister of the IPC in Italy, he’s a faithful plodder in hard ground and it was good to catch up. I fear after a day like today tomorrow might well be a write off.


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