Day 35

Day 35 – Wed 5 Oct – I began the morning finishing off Isaiah 34/35 which is even more poignant after the death of Betty from our congregation. I visited her husband Ron this morning who has cared so amazingly for his wife for many years. I read Isaiah 35 and spoke of the new creation. It was good to go but you never feel like you’ve helped very much. This afternoon I had a pastoral visit and then met with Natalie our intern who is doing very well settling into the role.


Tonight was our monthly prayer gathering and there was a great turnout with over 40 there. James Bunyan of Uccf came and shared about the work amongst students in West London. James is a great guy but as with all Uccf staff they sound like a combination of Richard Cunningham and Tim Rudge, it’s all about the intonation.  It was lovely to hear people pray for Ron in his grief and give thanks for Betty.


When we got home Claire and I watched Sally Phillips’ documentary ‘A World without Down’s Syndrome’, I’d been a bit nervous about watching it in a silly way. It’s a brilliant piece of work, the pair of us cried all the way through it and it’s hard not to let your mind race forward to the kind of society Phoebe will grow up in. Phoebe is such a joy to us and everyone she meets, she’s not without her struggles and I’d be lying if I said the last 20 months have been easy but we are thankful in a way we never expected. Sally Phillips statement that Down Syndrome is not an illness they are a type of people was so touching. It was nice to see Twitter go nuts in support of the programme and Graham Shearer’s point that the documentary was ‘a deconstruction of liberalism or rather liberalism deconstructing itself’  is dead right. The programme finished with this quote from Leonard Cohen – ‘There’s a crack in everything that’s how the light gets in’. For the 4 readers of this blog watch the documentary if you can.

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