Day 36

Day 36 – Thu 6 Oct – I didn’t achieve a great deal in the morning, in fact trying to think back to what did I actually study I’m not completely sure. Claire and I did meet with an architect in the hope of extending our home and building me a proper study, whether we’ll ever be able to afford it is another matter but he’s going to draw up plans.


In the afternoon we had a good team meeting, tomorrow is the start of our ‘Common Ground’ café in Ealing and on Saturday there’s evangelistic talks for Persians so it was good to pray  through that. Afterwards I finished off kids sheets and Sunday morning. Claire and the older 2 went off to Club 16 while I looked after Phoebe. Late-ish I took one of the guys from church around the corner for Lamb Biryani which is outstanding – the curse of the alarm returned in the restaurant and so we ate accompanied by various boy band classics and intermittent beeping and flashing of the fire alarm.


I read two very good short pieces today – 1 following up the tv documentary from Wed night – ‘6 disturbing assumptions uncovered in a world without Down’s’ and John Piper’s ‘Should Children sit through big church’

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