Day 39

Day 39 – Sun 9 Oct – It was a good Sunday and a joy to have a Persian brother teaching Adult Sunday School and meeting with our Iranians this weekend. In the morning service I was on Isaiah 34-35 – 2 roads, the road to judgement and the road to the new creation. It’s hard to imagine a greater contrast between the two passages and so easy to make the gospel plain. We had old friends back for lunch which was fun.


In the evening I was in Colossians 4:4-6 on evangelism, I’d really enjoyed preparing it. There’s some great contrast in what Paul asks for prayer for himself and what he instructs of the Colossians.


They are to pray for….
a door to open for the Word v3, the Colossians words are to be gracious.v6
That he will declare the mystery of Christ v3, but he says they are to answer every person v6
He is preach and make it clear as he ought 4 but  they are to know how they ought to answer. v6


I’ll try and stick up the Dick Lucas quote which makes it plainer than I have but there were some good conversations afterwards and it’s a good sight when peoples heads are buried in their bibles during the sermon thinking this is slightly new.

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