Day 40

Day 40 – Mon 10 Oct – My tranquil Monday morning was disturbed slightly by Ellie being off school, she’d been sick in the night but from what I could tell was right as rain during the day. Preparing to Frozen in the background means that not a great deal was accomplished. However I did get somewhere by the end of the afternoon on Isa 36/37. Claire was out this evening at a ladies meeting at IPC but I think I’ve hit the wall a bit, I’d planned to do lots but I wrote some letters to our students away at uni and called it a day early.

I did read this insightful piece by David Robertson following up on the ‘World without Down’s’ programme – his point ‘This is a world where equality and diversity are political soundbites used by those who rarely practice them and who think that some people’s lives are less worthy’ is very well made.


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