Day 41

Day 41- Tue 11 Oct – There were 8 of us at the book study to start the day. The book has good points but is beginning to grate, in chapter 8 you have example conversations which border on the embarrassing. The actual substance of the book is good but it tries too hard. Later in the morning I met with the Simpson family to plan Betty’s funeral, we’re going to sing at the graveside which is always a great witness to the resurrection hope.


ELT went well with some new folk who I pray will come back. I was on Romans 4 and enjoyed preaching it. My contract is up on my phone so I went to the shop and witnessed a woman having a total meltdown with their customer service. It was gloriously British, the shop was packed but everyone carried on as normal with rolling eyes and knowing smiles whilst this lady was shouting, threatening and screaming.


Boys catechism class was encouraging, they’ve really started to memorise it. In the evening I was speaking for Amyand Park Chapel, Twickenham to some of their young guys. I’m not sure my material was that helpful for them and the discussion was ok but not as I’d hoped. I popped in on the 5 a side dads who were having a curry after football and I had some opportunities to speak of the gospel which I just didn’t take. It’s one thing to preach about answering as we ought and another to actually to do it.


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