Day 43

Day 43 – Thu 13 Oct – I finished up for Sunday morning and got the kids sheets and Sunday service sheet sorted. I’d hoped to get ahead for next week but that hasn’t worked so far. Chuck who is one of our elders popped round to talk about the work amongst Persians and we seem to seeing some fruit, alongside the usual frustrations. In the afternoon we had team meeting with a good time of prayer. It’s encouraging to see things beginning to develop in ministries around the church. Donald and Natalie our interns are settling in and beginning to make a real difference.

Phoebe is still suffering with a cold, she’s such a fragile little thing. We’re praying it doesn’t go onto her chest.

After Claire came back from the kids club Chris Cradock one of my elders took me out to the pub and we put the world to right, if only people were as balanced as the  two of us. He’s the current Moderator of our Presbytery and it is so encouraging to see how he’s grown and is using the gifts the Lord has given him.  He always makes me think and I’m very grateful for him and the other elders.

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