Day 44

Day 44 – Fri 14 Oct – The day began with meeting to discuss chapter 2 of the WCF with Natalie and Donald. I worked in Café Nero afterwards and got asked at least 6 times for the code for the toilet!! It’s 421 if you need it, in the end I stuck a note on the door. I am relieved not to be preaching Sunday night but next week is pretty packed so I worked ahead a bit. It was good to catch up with Gethin Jones who is studying at Westminster Seminary with a view to being in France long term, he was on a flying visit, back for the weekend for a wedding. He is thinking about being in London for a year before returning to the continent which would be good.
Phoebe was in better form this evening which we’re thankful for. The second Common Ground Café met tonight and went really well, there were 19 of us there. One of the girls had arranged for someone to sing some folk music unplugged and Natalie gave a great talk on how technology is making us less human based on the Andrew Sullivan article, ironically I’d got a new phone this afternoon. There were quite a few visitors who won’t be around each week but it was a good evening.

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