Day 45

Day 45 – Sat 15 Oct – Today was a day off without any meetings for the first time in too long. Sandra is back for the weekend and staying at ours. After the usual shopping trips we all went to the park seeking to try and teach Noah and Ellie to ride a bike, I think the term would be regressive sanctification on my part. It’s always a humbling thing to have to apologise to your kids for being so impatient.

In the afternoon it was catching up with jobs one of which was mowing the lawn – I love it, it’s a job that you can start and finish within an hour. After finishing you can take in the smell of freshly mown grass, admire the work of your hands and feel a great sense of satisfaction. The work of the church on the other hand is never done, sermons are never really finished, you never get to the end of the list. If only church ministry was more like mowing the lawn

Over tea I had to do a quick visit to a lady in our congregation whose father has died. It was a good time I was encouraged by how her and the family were dealing with it.

Tonight was Takeaway night, on the way there I slipped on the wet pavement, the phone I’d got yesterday fell out of my pocket and landed face down, so I now have a brand new phone with a cracked screen. It’s no big deal really and I’m not that bothered. On the other hand having a beer while you wait to collect your curry without anyone bothering you is one of life’s great pleasures.

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