Day 46

Day 46 – Sun 16 Oct – I was on Isaiah 36/37 in the morning, it’s such a vivid chapter and the way it’s written is distinct from the first 35 chapters of the book. The account of Senacharib is the only story as far as I can tell that’s told 3 times in the Old Testament. I preached it as Isaiah and basically retold it, I’ve never done that before but it seemed to work. There was good comeback from it.

We had a tableful for lunch with people from Ethiopia, Indonesia and all 4 British countries. In the evening Gray Sutanto who is doing his Phd in Edinburgh on Bavinck, preached for me. He was expounding Psalm 13 and did  a great job – The legitimacy/ direction and power of lament finishing with Christ’s lament on the cross. It was a joy to sit and listen.

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