Day 48

Day 48 – Tue 18 Oct – Early Morning Prayer Gathering started well, I’m not sure we do a good job of telling folk about it and speaking about how encouraging it is. There was the usual turnout but I had to leave early to go on to the work bible study. We finished Gordon Cheng’s book on Encouragement. To be fair to him Chapter 10 was really helpful and practical on encouragement in the church, the kind of thing each church member should read. During the rest of the morning I made a good start on Isaiah 37/38 I’m behind where I like to be at this stage of the week.

ELT had really good numbers and I was speaking on Romans 5:1-11. Ron Simpson was there the day after his wife’s funeral, to speak of the certainty of God’s love in the past and the present and the future was a privilege. I love that he came.

I had lunch with Murray and Kim Lee, Murray is the minister of Cahaba Park PCA in Birmingham, Alabama. They come over annually to Pastor the MTW missionaries in West London, they are a great couple and just swapping the joys and travails of the last year did me good. They told me one story of a man in their congregation who was a lawyer who had all his finances tied up so couldn’t give to the building project as he wanted. He was retirement age but he decided to work a further 3 years and give all that he earned to the building fund. In the raising of funds how they had spoken to the congregation of the same sacrifice but different gifts, which I might steal. Americans for all their faults are the best encouragers.

We did the boys WSC study at the church and played table tennis, it was good fun but I think they might need a break from me teaching it. The danger of them becoming bored with my voice is there. Sandra was going back to Norwich so we said goodbye to her and I managed to get to 5 a side though played abominably.

I see David Murray has given a nice write up of my blog and written a day in the life of a Seminary Prof which is interesting. Matthew Roberts from our church in York has written an excellent piece on the Sabbath.


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