Day 49

Day 49 – Wed 19 Oct – I’d got too distracted working from home so spent the day in Café Nero which sounds like a good idea but you just get different distractions.  To slightly alter Calvin ‘Our hearts are factories of distractions’. I was in the coffee shop about 6 and half hours and managed to get Isaiah 38/39 nearly done and start on Colossians 4.

I spent too long looking for a sermon that one of my elders had told me about of Dr Lloyd Jones in the aftermath of Aberfan. It was interesting listening again to the Dr, the first 20 minutes take so long to get going, he recapitulates on the week before too much and his voice is so unique. However the last 20 minutes are electric.

In the late afternoon I popped in to town see Alun Ebenezer my best man but I’d forgotten it was parents evening for Noah and Ellie so was only with him for 20 minutes. On the way in and back I read Don Whitney’s little book ‘Praying the Bible’, I’ll write more on it again but suffice to say its not very good at all.

I’d forgotten that I’d not asked someone else to lead the house group bible study and so had to wing it. The group are very gracious and it didn’t go as badly as it could have.

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