Day 50

Day 50 – Thu 19 Oct – We had a  great time of prayer as elders to start the day. It’s my favourite meeting of the month. The morning was spent finishing off Isa 38 & 39 which took far longer than I’d hoped. I found the sermon Lloyd Jones preached the Sunday after Aberfan and listened to it, it’s very moving indeed, dare I say prophetic.

We had church staff in the afternoon and I was on childcare while Claire took Phoebe for her urology appointment. Since Phoebe was born we have had to Catheter her 3 times a day as her bladder doesn’t empty fully. Yesterday we were told we could drop the middle of the day catheter which is good news. We’d love not to have to do it at all but this is progress.

Claire and the older two went off to Club 16 and in the evening we watched some TV. I stupidly decided to work late, you just gradually get slower and slower in what your achieving and it totally defeats the object.

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