Day 51

Day 51 – Fri 21 Oct – I had breakfast with a couple in the church who are getting their baby baptised on Sunday which  was a really encouraging visit. Donald, Natalie and I waded into God’s Decree from WCF chapter 3 but we only got halfway through. I was at Borough for lunch with Dick Lucas, he made me fish which I think could have done with another 10 minutes at least in the oven but you can’t complain when a 91 year old makes you lunch. He was bemoaning that we are boring preachers and how expository lectures are killing congregations. He’s started working through John’s gospel again and we went through that for a while.

I caught up on reading on the way there and back but arrived home too early. Ellie had a friend over for a playdate and so spent tea time refereeing under 5’s! I did a little work in the evening but was so slow I gave up.

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