Day 53

Day 53 – Sun 23 Oct -Today was a good day. There was no Adult Sunday School for half term so I just spoke to the kids at half 10. We had an infant baptism which was a delight. I spoke on the sign of baptism picking up on the reading from Isa 38 and the sign of the sun going back 10 dials for Hezekiah. God gave the sign to confirm his promise and assure Hezekiah. In the same way in the sacraments they are signs and seals of God’s covenant given to confirm his promise and strengthen our faith. If we believe in Infant Baptism we have to clearly explain and proclaim the doctrine of the covenant. It is not enough just to administer the sign without clear and fresh explanation. I think that’s fair enough and would expect vice versa in a Baptist church. The families were from Norway and Brazil, this last year we’ve seen some real growth amongst Portuguese speakers.

I preached ok I felt I was up against the clock a bit and the poor translator into Portuguese struggled a bit as I rushed through the material. The sermon was stodgy. We were at the Weeks’ for lunch and had a lovely time. Graham has been a wonderful elder of over 30 years and a giant of encouragement to me in my time here. This evening I was on the end of Colossians 4 and felt I could have made more of it, there’s some wonderful insights into Christian ministry there that are easy to miss.  I’ll probably do 2 or 3 in Philemon next and then we’ll nearly be at Advent.

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