Day 60

Day  60 – Sun 30 Oct – An extra hour in bed isn’t really paid attention to by the kids so it was a long morning before church. We had another baptism this time of a couple who used to be in the congregation but have moved to Cornerstone, Kingston. We decided as elders that we would baptise the children of former members if they’d moved to a church that didn’t practice infant baptism, if their current church agreed. I was preaching on Isaiah 40 which is one of those purple passages. I just didn’t capture the grandeur and vibrancy of the passage. My preaching at the moment feels a little bit like Tony Pulis’ football management. It’s occasionally effective but workmanlike and certainly not easy on the eye. I had a lovely chat with Ezekiel our 70something Kenyan man who is always full of encouragement, he always picks me up after a service. Simon Wakeling who is an EFCC minister from East London was there and asking about keeping children in worship which was good to talk through.

There were encouragingly lots of visitors, A Romanian family who’d been at Cambridge Presbyterian, an Iranian family who come occasionally, and a lad from Trinity, York.

In the afternoon we were at the Silva’s along with their parents for lunch and had a lovely time. Walking in the park in an autumn afternoon was beautiful. The evening service I preached the first of two in Philemon following on from the series on Colossians. Again I had some decent insights but it was hard going. I’m looking forward to not preaching next Sunday and listening, I suspect the congregation feel the same.

I need to be more prepared for Sundays so the day isn’t such hard work for Claire. This week is lighter, just Lunchtime Talk and a funeral to prepare.

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