Day 62

Day 62 – Tue 1 Nov – I had a meeting with a friend who works in Westminster at 7.30 so I was up at 6 and onto the tube. We finished up before the start of work and I was back home but 9.30. I’d been up late the night before and the morning was pretty hard going. I worked on Romans 6 for ELT and managed to get through it all just in time. I had a long complicated illustration that I don’t think worked and at one point found myself illustrating the illustration which is never a good thing.

Straight after ELT I was back on the tube to take a funeral for the Brazilian father of someone in our congregation, I went to Honor Oak crematorium which is in South London, the only problem being that the funeral wasn’t at Honor Oak but in Canada Water at a Chapel of Rest. I got a cab and was 15 minutes late but thankfully the family was Brazilian so I arrived only 5 minutes after they did. There were only 7 of us but it went well and it was good to be there for the family. They gave me a lift home and I was back for around 7. Exhausted wasn’t the word and there was only cold Lasagne to eat which for a man in my fragile state of mind I couldn’t bear. 5 a side is cancelled for a month so I popped down to the Gun Hill for a Lamb Biriani.

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