Preaching – An Awesome Task

I wrote this for Eryl Davies and his new book Preaching – An Awesome Task published by Evangelical Press…..

“What ministers do on their holidays is probably worthy of a book in and of itself. The individuality of a minister comes out particularly in this area. My habit is to basically recharge my batteries by reading books I’ve not had the time to read during the previous year.  In the summer of 2015 I had managed to complete all my holiday reading with two days  still remaining and so, with smug satisfaction, I looked on my father in law’s shelf in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, and it was there I found the 1983 edition of ‘The Wrath of God’ by Dr Eryl Davies. The reason I decided to read it was that it was the substance of 3 addresses from the 1981 Bala Ministers Conference. There is something about addresses which are only given to ministers that makes them nearly always worth reading. Added to that, this was the first Bala conference after the death of Dr Lloyd Jones, with whom he had been so closely associated.

Another particular value in this volume is that I don’t think in my 13 years as a minister I have known of 3 main addresses at a minister’s conference being devoted to the wrath of God. The style is directed to ministers and yet is accessible to all believers. The fact that we are still, as evangelicals, so reluctant to speak of the wrath of God and the doctrine of hell, means that these addresses, given over 35 years ago are as relevant now as they were then.

In evangelism we all know that it’s at the point when people realise we are saying, that, without Jesus Christ, they are under the wrath of God; they are lost, are without God and without hope, that we risk the greatest offence. There are truths contained within this short book that we’d rather not think about and yet, without proclaiming them, we are not being faithful. We have to regain our nerve in preaching the gospel. Being so desperate to gain ourselves a hearing, we are in danger of preaching sermons that bear no resemblance to what we see in the book of Acts. We must not relegate the preaching of the wrath of God to seminars and follow up courses.

Dr Davies has spent a lifetime serving Christ’s church as a Pastor, a theologian and a local churchman. The need for Biblical wisdom in dealing with the wrath of God is ably met by him. I commend this volume to you and pray that it will have a wide readership. It will take you a couple of hours to read, but it will be worth it. God willing your preaching will be changed by it and so will the people God has entrusted to your care.”





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