Day 65

Day 65 – Fri 4 Nov- I met with a lad who used to be in our church for breakfast, who’s spent the last 5 years going nowhere. The Lord seems to be drawing him back which is wonderful. It was back to the tax return, if any of my 5 readers are willing to do this for me next year I’m happy to pay you. Donald and I got together and read through 2 Timothy before team meeting and then I got home to meet with another girl in our congregation who is working amongst Muslims this year alongside doing Cornhill. She works with FANDA who do a terrific work amongst Muslims in London but it’s not always easy for their workers to be involved in local church.


In the evening I went to the Cornhill 25th Anniversary Thanksgiving service at St Helen’s there must have been over 300 of us there. In 25 years over 1200 students have been on the course from between 40-45 countries. Dick Lucas was interviewed and paid tribute to three foundation stones. 1. Those who gave their money, 2. Leaders of London churches, 3. The people in the office. He described the intention of Cornhill to be a cousin to Theological Colleges. It was interesting to hear him talk of us having built bonfires of biblical theology but we need the match/ the fire.


David Jackman then interviewed different folk about how Cornhill had effected them and their were a couple of videos. I loved his quote that ‘there was no great masterplan just a conviction that the Spirit of God takes the Word of God to do the Work of God.’ Stephen Boon who is one of the tutors at the course prayed and then Nigel Styles gave  a presentation of a 1000 powerpoint slides on the future of the course. They are going to fiddle about with the days and basically spread it over three years, I’m not sure how it’ll work but I like Nigel. He’s a great character and he’s certainly unafraid to make changes.


Christopher Ash preached and sadly was only given 10 minutes, it felt slightly ironic on a course that has been about teaching the bible for 25 years that teaching the bible wasn’t really the big thing in the evening. He spoke on 2 Timothy 4:6-8 –
1. The present v6 – understand that bible ministry is a daily pouring out, an everyday dying to self. That is present tense service to Jesus.
2. The past v7 – to be able to look back at the end of one’s life and say I have fought, I have run, I have finished
3. The future v8 – There is going to be a crown, Paul who was about to be condemned was looking forward to another court day, this is not Pharasaism – the crown will not be given to all who’ve done as well as I have but to all who have loved his appearing


We finished with Guide me O thou great Redeemer, the other songs were mainly Hillsong which I thought were unsingable but people seemed to be into them! There weren’t loads of folk from our year but it was great to catch up with Doug Johnson afterwards who once told me to go and play in the traffic in a lecture. Kieron Lynch was over from Dublin and we went out for curry on Brick Lane afterwards which was pure joy. It was a really good evening and I’ve got so much to thank Cornhill for.

2 thoughts on “Day 65”

  1. Re your tax return, 3 words: Tax Management for Clergy. It will set you back about £120 but you’ll make that back easily in the next few years with their helpful counsel and excellent service. I cannot recommend them enough.


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