Day 66

Day 66 – Sat 5th Nov- Phoebe is in adorable form at the moment, beginning to communicate more and starting to make Makaton signs. We had a day of just catching up on family things an doing jobs.

I did get to do a bit of reading  and finished of Mike Reeves and Tim Chester’s book  ‘Why the Reformation still matters?’ There are parts of the book which are brilliant but there are also some curious omissions. There’s nothing on infant baptism and yet there’s a statement that ‘the sacraments was the issue on which they disagreed most’ . That is true regarding the Lord’s Supper but they were of one mind on Baptism and yet not to mention that is slightly irritating. However the chapter on the Lord’s Supper  is quite simply brilliant. In the chapter on the church there’s a slightly curious defence of the Anabaptists. The basic point is they weren’t all nuts, which is probably fair,I’m not sure that merits as much space as it got in a book on Why the Reformation still matters? With these misgivings it is an excellent book and full of really helpful material particularly with the 500th anniversary coming next year.


I’m not preaching tomorrow so it was great to have a day off without that hanging over you. Ireland beat the All Blacks for the first ever time and so we were glued to the Text updates for the  last 20 minutes.

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