Day 67

Day 67 – Sun 6 Nov – Jonny Gibson was preaching today and brought his wife Jackie and son Ben to be with us. Jonny until recently was Associate Minister of Cambridge Presbyterian and is about to take up the post  of Associate Professor of OT at Westminster. He’s been Ordained in IPC and it’s been wonderful to have him around Presbytery the last couple of years. I really hope he won’t stay in America very long, we lose too many good men there. Jonny is the best preacher we have in the denomination and it’ll do Westminster good to have a preacher on the faculty. Yesterday felt like we were eating prime rib eye steak both morning and evening, it’ll be back to ham, egg and chips for IPC next week.

He preached on Psalm 45 in the morning and Psalm 84 in the evening. Psalm 84 was outstanding. Jonny and Jackie have been through deep waters recently following the death of their daughter Leila and to hear him speak of us not wanting loved ones back from Glory because they are with God was very moving and encouraging.


Paul Meiners led us at the Lord’s Table and had this lovely story of when he was in Africa they had a fellow missionary who was an older Dutch lady. They worked together at a children’s hostel and often the missionaries would go to the equivalent of a foodbank to get food for the children. The Dutch missionary always chose ‘survival biscuits’ to give to the children for dessert. The kids didn’t appreciate these biscuits without any sugar in them and yet she always chose them. Paul asked her one day why do you love survival biscuits so much? To which she replied she’d been in a concentration camp and when her Canadian liberators arrived they gave all the children their survival biscuits. She says ‘whenever I taste them I taste  freedom!’. It was a brilliant thought to lead us into communion.


Jonny and Jackie stayed at ours and we talked the night away, A great Sunday.

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