Day 68

Day 68 – Mon 7th November – Jonny Gibson had a bit of Delhi belly  in the night and so we were all a little  bit dazed in the morning! It was a slow start but the tax return is nearing completion – soon and very soon it will be done. I began to work on Isaiah but didn’t really get anywhere. I listened to this podcast by my friend Dave Strain on the American election – Harry Reeder at the start speaking about Pastoral ministry is helpful.


We  had our  monthly session meeting in the evening and was so cold in the church kitchen we decamped to the Drayton Court. It was quite a thin agenda but we had a good time. Stuart and Simon gave reports of Immanuel and All Nations respectively. We switched things around and so read the WCF at the end. We’ve reached Ch30 on Church Censures which is a brilliantly concise piece on Church Discipline. I think we were all conscious we’ve not taught this well to our congregation. I’m hoping to do more work on church discipline and preach on it this coming year.

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