Day 70

Day 70 – Wed 9 Nov – Today was a day in the study trying to work without becoming engrossed in the world of the US election. I spent some time this morning reading around the subject of church discipline. Calvin on the keys to the kingdom is remarkable, I had read it before but obviously didn’t take it in. I feel slightly gutted on this whole issue of church discipline in that I’ve just not done enough thinking on it and so that is to the detriment of the church. The good side to that is it is pretty humbling.


I got into Isaiah 41 and 42 – there are 3  Behold’s  which should really preach. I’ve enjoyed preparing it. Sandra is back from uni and was around for tea and stayed on. Little Phoebe was a bit unwell and so neither Claire were at house-group. I worked on Isaiah and caught up on reading De Graaf. What cheered me up no end was to find that the good people at Crossway have sent me a review copy of their ESV Readers bible. 6 beautiful volumes

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