Day 76

Day 76 – Tue 15 Nov – We had a really encouraging early morning prayer meeting with  a great time of prayer. I met with Natalie and Donald on chapter 4 of the WCF, then caught up with Natalie on her first half term. I’d prepared Romans 7 for ELT and realised about an hour before it was far too  much content and so chopped it in half. It worked much better and we had time on the subject- it was good to give away DVD’s of  Rico Tice, nearly everyone took one so I hope that will bear some fruit. Afterwards one of my elders took me for lunch at the North Star who say they’ve changed the menu but it was exactly the same as it’s always been.

The boys bible study was in good form and then evening 5 a side was back after a break of a few weeks. I had to pop in and see one of my elders afterwards and then made a quick late pastoral visit on someone else. It was a nuts day in that it was long but none of it was overly stressful.

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