Day 77

Day 77 – 16 Nov – After such a busy day  yesterday, the morning was a bit of a write off. I tried some reading but didn’t get anywhere. Hanwell Café’s Bacon and Egg roll got the juices flowing. After some more admin I read for a couple of hours.


We’ve had a new baby born in the congregation so I went down to West Mid Hospital to see the new family. The little baby had been moved into the extra care unit but is doing well. I went in and he was in exactly the same crib in the same room as Phoebe had been on the day she was born. It found it all pretty emotional as Phoebe was rushed to Chelsea and Westminster that night. It was surreal and brought back some poignant memories. The baby and parents are doing fine and he should be out on Friday.


I was back for house group which was on 1 Peter 2 the beautiful verses on the church.
Matthew Roberts our minister in York has written some really helpful articles on his blog that are worth reading – on Ordination and two on the Sabbath

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