Day 80

Day 80 – Sat 19 -The morning was all pretty frantic, we discovered our fridge freezer was broken and so that threw plans into chaos. Thankfully someone in the church had a spare but it took a while to go and pick it up. While I was out our neighbours put a gate up in the back alley behind our home, it’s fair to say that didn’t go down well with other neighbours! We’re praying that we can be a witness in the midst of this.


I’m preaching in Aberdeen for  Trinity Church’s fifth birthday so I caught the 2.30 flight to Aberdeen and have taken Iain Murray’s biography of Ryle with me in the hope of reading it this weekend. Iain Murray has meticulously researched Ryles’s life and added to his ability to tell a great story I’m really enjoying it so far. David Gibson picked me up at 5 and the family headed out for a Church Ceilidh while I stayed in and read. A Saturday night on my own with books, there are worse ways to spend a Saturday evening.

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