Day 81

Day 81 – Sun 20 Nov- It was a joy to be at Trinity, Aberdeen. They’ve had a weekend celebrating their 5th anniversary and I preached both ends of the day  – Colossians 1 in the morning on the supremacy of Christ and then in the evening on Revelation 21 and 2 – the place Jesus is preparing for us. David Gibson led the service very well, he’s got a real gift of leading a congregation in prayer. I was so helped by the hymns, we learnt a new one by Ernest Sands ‘ Sing of the Lord’s goodness, Father of all wisdom’ which was terrific. I felt very much at home. Trinity meet in the ballroom of the Northern Hotel, I love the space and it’s a good room for worship. There  was a crowd back for  Sunday lunch at the Gibson’s and their evening service was at 5. It was nice to have a longer evening afterwards but lunch hadn’t completely gone down by the time you’d  started the service.


Jonny Dyer from All Souls was preaching for me at IPC. Jonny was the Dorm Leader on camp where I professed faith. He did a bible study on the ‘Fruit of  the Spirit’  and after hearing another leader Allan Rees gave his testimony. I remember as we all got into bed I said to Jonny ‘ What if you think you’ve only got two of the fruits’ to which he replied ‘Levy, you haven’t got any’. Jonny went to RTS, Orlando  and came back to be the Student Minister at All Souls. Matt Childs one of our young men was on in the evening and good reports from both.

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