Day 82

Day 82 – Mon 21 Nov -I caught the 10.30 from freezing Aberdeen and was back home by 1.15. I finished JC Ryle – Prepared to Stand Alone by Iain Murray. It’s a lovely read and Iain Murray has this wonderful way of making you warm to his subject. I’d recommend the book however I do think there are some areas which Murray should have addressed but slightly glossed over. I’ll write up what I’m reading later in the week and try and speak to those things.

In the afternoon it was just beginning preparation for ELT and Sunday. I played 5 a side with lads from church in the night. I think it’s far to say I put in a terrible performance, I was the oldest by 10 years and it showed. It’s hard to remember the number of times  I was nutmegged. Claire and I  watched this on the Northern Irish preacher James McConnell, it’s a great half hour and though there are things you’d be concerned at like the Las Vegas style church building, you can’t help but warm to the man.

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